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Re: [Xen-devel] Memory Access API


(Cc-ing xen-devel again.  Please don't send Xen questions directly to me;
keep them on the list where other people can see them.)

At 11:06 +0500 on 16 Mar (1331895972), Feroz Zahid wrote:
> Thanks Tim, Also I would like to know what hash memory page scheme is
> employed by Xen to find out the sharable pages between VMs on a single
> host, secondly how can be we identify which memory pages are being shared
> (Content Based Sharing) between VMs?

Xen does not use hashing to find shareable pages.  The in-tree tools
(such as they are) depend on seeing block reads that have the same
contents as a way of finding pages to share.  There's at least one
out-of-tree user that gets its sharing from VM fork operations. 

> I was looking at the libvmi library to be able to walk through memory
> pages, should I use such library or Xen API or native support is enough.

I'm afraid I have never used libvmi so I can't help you decide whether
it does what you need.


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