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Re: [Xen-devel] pv-grub Solaris support

Am 08.03.2012 14:58, schrieb Florian Manschwetus:
> Uhm, what is the outcoming of this??? I tried the patch today and
> succeeded in booting my fresh nexenta with it, so +1 by me.
> (nexenta needs some grub tweaking as boot/grub/bootsign/syspool is
> missing as well as a findroot (syspool,0,a) in menu.lst), but then all
> is fine.
> Regards,
> Florian
I did a lot of research and found that modifying the nexenta menu.lst is
a pain (read as, will break easy use as the auto-generated entries have
to be edited every time). Looks like the current grub used by nexenta
doesn't need such help, afaik all the code is gpled, so maybe have a
look there if you could easily improve your patch to get an pvgrub that
works with curretn nexenta as is.

Thx for this great job,

> Am 01.11.2011 15:11, schrieb Kasper Brink:
>> On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 02:00:07PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
>>> But I'm afraid I can't apply it because I need confirmation of the
>>> copyright status.  See the section on Signed-off-By on
>>>   http://wiki.xen.org/xenwiki/SubmittingXenPatches
>> The pv-grub_solaris patch I sent previously is:
>>  Signed-off-by: Kasper Brink <K.Brink@xxxxxxxx>
>> If you want, I will resubmit the patch according to the guidelines on the
>> wiki, along with any necessary changes to the license and copyright notices.
>>> Looking at the contents of your patch I see some worrying things.  Can
>>> you please find the licences for all the code you're including and
>>> arrange for appropriate copyright and licensing notices, copies of
>>> licences, etc. etc. ?
>> All the code in my patch was either taken from the "Oracle Solaris 11 Express
>> 2010.11 GPL Source, Part 2" archive, downloaded from 
>>  http://dlc.sun.com/opensourcecode/solaris/sol-11-exp-201011-GPLSource_2.zip,
>> or written by me (small portions).
>> The code is licensed under the GNU GPL, version 2 or later ("GPL2+").
>> Each file from which I copied code contains a notice stating that it is
>> licensed under the GPL2+. Identical notices are present in the unpatched
>> pv-grub sources, so the diff itself does not contain this information (except
>> for newly added files).
>> I will add a GPL2+ notice to the header of the file 60zfs_solaris.diff. The
>> full GPL 2 license text is already in the Xen repository root, so I assume I
>> don't need to add that to the patch.
>> The copyright status is a bit more diverse (see the attached list for the 
>> full
>> details):
>> - all the files I copied code from have an FSF copyright notice
>> - most of these files also have a Sun Microsystems or Oracle copyright notice
>> - there are 7 files that contain ZFS- or Solaris-related code, but do not
>>   have Sun or Oracle copyright notices.
>> My patch preserves the copyright notices for all files, but does not add any
>> notices that are not present in the archive distributed by Oracle.
>> The files that do not have Sun or Oracle copyright notices are: builtins.c,
>> common.c, disk_io.c, filesys.h, pc_slice.h, shared.h, stage2.c.
>> I don't think I should add such notices myself, but I could add a comment
>> to each file along these lines:
>> /*
>>  * Portions of this file are derived from code distributed by Oracle in 2011,
>>  * licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.
>>  */
>> In summary, I propose to do the following:
>> - add a "distributed by Oracle" comment to the files without Sun or Oracle
>>   copyright notices, and rediff
>> - add a GPL2+ license notice to the header of 60zfs_solaris.diff
>> - resubmit the patch according to the submission guidelines, with my 
>> sign-off,
>>   and Samuel Thibault's acked-by.
>> Will this be sufficient to clarify the copyright status? 
>> Best,
>> Kasper
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