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[Xen-devel] qemu versions

qemu in xen seems to be at version 0.10.2

qemu itself is now at version 1.01

What I'd like is a version of qemu in xen that has the Intel HDA audio driver that is available from version 0.14 onwards.
This would allow HD audio under Windows 7 64bit which several people have been asking about because there are no 64bit sound 
drivers for the audio devices that qemu emulates.

I tried backporting the Intel HDA audio but quickly realised that several of the interfaces have changed quite drastically.  
While I was able to fix some of them, there were more problems than first anticipated.

Would it instead be easier to bring a newer version of qemu into xen?  i.e. http://wiki.xen.org/xenwiki/QEMUUpstream

In doing so, would this allow secondary pass through graphics for ATI as it is currently supported by the xen/qemu in the current xen 4.1.2 release?

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