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[Xen-devel] How to ioremap a range of reserved memory uncache, and can be accessed both in xen and domain 0 kernel space

    I want implement a driver in domain 0, it needs to ioremap a range of
reserved memory, and set it uncachable. Further more, the remaped memory
needs to be accessed by xen, since I want xen to put some data in it, then
the driver in domain 0 could get these data. I want to set it uncachable,
make it not pollute the cache.
    Our system is x86_64 platform, xen-3.4.3, and the domain 0 kernel is
linux- I have tried to use ioremap the reserved machine memory into
domain 0 directly, and it seems to ok, but how could I make it accessable by
    Then I try to call ioremap in xen, the xen would crash and reboot.
    Could someone give some suggestions to solve this problem? 

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