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[Xen-devel] Intel HDA Sound support

Hi, committers!

I think it is a good time to ask you if there gonna be a patch to Xen to emulate Intel HD Audio Controller or any activities to develop an emulation of any modern soundcard?

So far, Xen supports emulation of AC97, Sound Blaster 16 (year 1987!) and ES1370 (year 1997). As you know, all off them are totally deprecated and no there is no single 64bit Windows OS that supports them.

[qemu, of course, supports more than that]

qemu started supporting intel-hda since version like 0.14. Still, there is no movements in Xen, more than a year after, for any modern soundcard :-(

There have been tremendous breakthrough in implementing VGA/GPU passthru, but we also need sound emulation support for 64bit Windows'es. How does not?

Let us discuss.


Dmitry Strygin, 


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