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Re: [Xen-devel] xl block-attach vs block-detach

Jan Beulich writes ("[Xen-devel] xl block-attach vs block-detach"):
> So it seems that "xl block-attach" allows a variety of ways to specify the
> devices ID (xvdN, dNpN, decimal or hex number) - why is it that the
> inverse operation ("xl block-detach") can't deal with anything by a decimal
> number?

Probably because I didn't notice that xl block-detach was using a
different parser when I replaced the block-attach one with a call to
the same parser as is used for disks specified in the config file.

Would you like to fix it ? :-)

> Further, why is it that with no blktap module loaded I'm getting an
> incomplete attach when using the (deprecated) file:/ format for
> specifying the backing file? It reports that it would be using qdisk,
> and blkfront also sees the device appearing, but all I'm seeing in the
> kernel log is the single message from blkfront's probe function. (With
> no blktap in pv-ops, I wonder how file backed disks work there.)
> When trying to detach such a broken device I'm getting
> "unrecognized disk backend type: 0", and the remove fails.

That might well be a bug.  In addition to Ian's questions, what do you
get if you turn on the debug by passing xl lots of -v flags (before
the block-attach) ?  Can you attach the disk by naming it in the
config file ?


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