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[Xen-devel] Xen scripts rewrite


I am trying to wrap my head around the xen scripts in /etc/xen/scripts.
I am currently looking at locking.sh but I don't really understand what
it is doing.

I see that claim_lock has a while loop, it seems to wait until it can
write its own PID to $lockdir/owner. If the file $lockdir/owner exists,
check if the pid is still running. If it's still running when the
loop is done, steal the lock by writing $$ to $lockdir/owner anyway.

Anyway. Can someone please further explain this file in plain English
and detail. Am I right with my above assumptions, and when are locks
even used?

As said, I request as much detail as possible - the rewrite is to
improve efficiency, readability and user customisation. As it is now
you have too much functions that confuse me silly.

If I am succesful I will share the outcome, so there's an incentive if
you need one.

Thank you,

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