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Re: [Xen-devel] 4.2 TODO List


On 2/28/12 7:50 AM, Ian Campbell wrote:
tools, blockers:

       * libxl stable API -- we would like 4.2 to define a stable API
         which downstream's can start to rely on not changing. Aspects of
         this are:
               * More formally deprecate xm/xend. Manpage patches already
                 in tree. Needs release noting and communication around
                 -rc1 to remind people to test xl.

Will there be support for rate limiting for vif as there is in xm/xend?

The help for the command "network-attach" shows support for "rate". Unfortunately, an error occurs when using the "rate" parameter:
"the rate parameter for vifs is currently not supported"

The same applies for the "accel" parameter which I don't know the purpose and don't use.


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