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Re: [Xen-devel] recent seabios tag updates

On Tue, 2012-02-28 at 08:42 +0000, Jan Beulich wrote:
> Hi Ian,
> with these I'm getting the impression we're making it, just like for qemu,
> a requirement to use the xenbits mirror rather than the original as well,
> even more so given that the two post- commits the mirror now
> has don't even exist in the upstream tree (yet), making this not even a
> mirror anymore.

I cherry picked both of those commits directly from the mainline SeaBIOS
tree, so they are upstream.

> I really had hoped that we would bring down (rather than up) the
> number of private clones of upstream trees, and provide true mirrors
> on xenbits really just for developers' convenience. Any word on the
> overall picture?

The reality is that we will sometimes need to backport fixes to stable
trees which are specific to Xen and which upstream declines to take into
their own stable branch (e.g. because they need to balance the risk of
taking a Xen thing against other non-Xen users of their stable branch).

It is also possible that we will want to backport new features from
upstream mainline in order to better expose them to Xen users and
developers prior to a new upstream release occurring. For example I
expect that the upstream qemu support for save/restore will fall into
this category.

In this case I should have asked upstream about a backport to their
stable branch before taking them myself which I neglected to do, sorry.
I have approached upstream about these two now and will fixup with the
appropriate merging in 1.6.3-stable-xen if the decide to take them.

The rules which I will be applying (and which e.g. Stefano will be
applying for the qemu tree) will be similar to the upstream kernel
stable rules -- primarily that a commit must be included in the relevant
mainline branch before being proposed for backport. This ensures that
the fork will be bounded due to being reset each time we rebase to a new
upstream stable release.


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