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Re: [Xen-devel] [Xen-users] GPU Pass Through Comment - DomU GPU Performance Regression after Reboot - Workaround


after the first disappointment about the FirePro-Driver not solving my issue, i 
fiddled around with this problem and finally found a solution which solves the 
Performance-Regression i'm experiencing in my setup;

The Problem is: GPU Performance degrades to about 10% after a DomU Reboot (GPU 
is ATI, but this also happend with a NVIDIA iirc , so no ATI-specific Problem).

The Workaround: too easy :) Simply "Eject" the GPU after Windows has booted - 
the screen goes black, it re-initializes the Card and re-attaches after a few 
seconds. From then on Performance is back to normal.
Ejecting is done via the little Device-Manager Icon in the Taskbar (this one: 
Remove-Hardware-option.png )

To Automate this, i used a little tool called "DevEject" from heise.de - it's 
"OpenSource" Licensed and works even in Win7-64:
There may be other Tools/Scripting solutions via WSH/Powershell/VBS/CMD/...


Am Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012, 01:39:08 schrieb ray@xxxxxxxxx:
> After reading many posts on GPU pass through failing on reboot of the domU, 
>I questioned AMD and they responded with:
>This is the known and documented issue with hypervisor - Resolved issues 
>(release notes) with driver and above - May see system hang on 
>restart with some hypervisors.  Consider using a more recent firepro driver at 

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