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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 1 of 2] Add the support for Xen to include OVMF UEFI support and directly use it

On Wed, 2012-02-22 at 19:17 +0000, Attilio Rao wrote:
> A way to integrate OVMF build directly into XEN has still be discussed
> on the mailing list appropriately.

AIUI OVMF is maintained in SVN. Our normal procedure for adding an
external dependency would be for us to mirror it on xenbits as a
convenience to our users, who don't need to get stuff from multiple
places, and as a courtesy to our upstreams, so our users don't consume
their resources.

I don't much fancy setting the necessary webdav or whatever stuff on
xenbits and integrating SVN support into our build system though. What
do people think about using git-svn to manage our mirror in git instead?
Or better: perhaps OVMF have an official git or hg mirror?

Anyone have any thoughts/opinions/better ideas etc?

> diff -r a88ba599add1 -r 032fea10f8d1 tools/firmware/hvmloader/config.h
> --- a/tools/firmware/hvmloader/config.h       Tue Feb 21 17:45:59 2012 +0000
> +++ b/tools/firmware/hvmloader/config.h       Wed Feb 22 18:54:03 2012 +0000
> @@ -35,6 +35,8 @@ struct bios_config {
>  extern struct bios_config rombios_config;
>  extern struct bios_config seabios_config;
> +extern struct bios_config ovmf32_config;
> +extern struct bios_config ovmf64_config;

Can you confirm that you need an OVMF which matches the OS bit-width you
are installing. i..e that there is no support for booting a 32 bit EFI
OS (or bootloader, shell, whatever it is called) on a 64 bit OVMF?

> +static void ovmf_acpi_build_tables(void)
> +{
> +    struct acpi_config config = {
> +        .dsdt_anycpu = dsdt_anycpu,
> +        .dsdt_anycpu_len = dsdt_anycpu_len,
> +        .dsdt_15cpu = dsdt_15cpu,
> +        .dsdt_15cpu_len = dsdt_15cpu_len,
> +    };

IIRC the 15cpu tables are there to workaround a bug in some old version
of Windows (2k?). I think therefore you can omit these on the basis that
no version of Windows with that bug also supports EFI. seabios.c does
this too.


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