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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] hvm: Correct RTC time offset update error due to tm->tm_year

Thanks a lot for your reply, Ian.
I guess there is misunderstanding here, see following,
The Linux kernel's version of mktime and Xen's version both differ from
standard C/POSIX defined function (in fact I expect Xen's is derived
from Linux's). Not least because they take a bunch of values instead of
a struct tm as arguments (i.e. they take unsigned int year, not
Yes, Xen's is same as Linux's.
If you wanted to compare Xen vs. a POSIX compliant mktime you'd probably
want the libc version. The Xen and Linux mktime()s certainly differ
substantially from the eglibc one.
Thanks, my original aim is to address an issue in rtc_set_time of \xen\arch\x86\hvm\rtc.c. (at least I thought it was, need your confirmation :-) )
I don't think you can expect that the in-kernel mktime necessarily has
the same interface as POSIX documents, there is certainly no particular
reason why they should or must (a kernel is not a POSIX environment).
The comment preceding Xen's mktime makes no mention of offsetting
anything by 1900 (or anything else) and I believe its implementation is
consistent with its defined interface.
Yes, the comments does not mention of offsetting anything by 1900, and this is the reason why I created the patch. In \xen\arch\x86\hvm\rtc.c, rtc_set_time call mktime to calculate the seconds since 1970/01/01, the input parameters of mktime are required to be in normal date format. Such as: year=1980, mon=12, day=31, hour=23, min=59, sec=59. (Just like Linux)

However, current xen code has some problem when dealing with tm->tm_year, see following,
   tm->tm_year = from_bcd(s, s->hw.cmos_data[RTC_YEAR]) + 100;
   after = mktime(tm->tm_year, tm->tm_mon + 1, tm->tm_mday,
                  tm->tm_hour, tm->tm_min, tm->tm_sec);
(For example, if current time is 2012/12/31, tm->tm_year is 112 here)

To meet the requirement of Xen's mktime, tm->tm_year should be changed to tm->tm_year+1900 when calling mktime in Xen. See following,
   after = mktime(tm->tm_year+1900, tm->tm_mon+1, tm->tm_mday,
                  tm->tm_hour, tm->tm_min, tm->tm_sec);


See following diff file which is created between mktime of linux and mktime of xen, (I did some tab/space format changes for comparison)

diff linux-mktime.c xen-mktime.c
< mktime(const unsigned int year0, const unsigned int mon0,
<       const unsigned int day, const unsigned int hour,
<       const unsigned int min, const unsigned int sec)
 > mktime (unsigned int year, unsigned int mon,
 >       unsigned int day, unsigned int hour,
 >       unsigned int min, unsigned int sec)
<       unsigned int mon = mon0, year = year0;
<       /* 1..12 -> 11,12,1..10 */
 >       /* 1..12 -> 11,12,1..10: put Feb last since it has a leap day. */
<               mon += 12;      /* Puts Feb last since it has leap day */
 >               mon += 12;

best regards

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