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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/3] SMBIOS table passthrough support

SMBIOS table pass-through is useful in supporting vendor/OEM specific 
functionality in HVM guests. There are numerous OEM software packages and 
drivers that depend on having certain SMBIOS tables surfaced in a guest for 
their proper functioning. This also includes drivers and software needed for 
device pass-through. This series of patches introduces support for SMBIOS 
pass-through in the hvmloader. Both DMTF defined and OEM specific table 
pass-through is supported.

1: changes to hvm_info_table.h
2: utility support routines to validate input SMBIOS tables
3: core functionality to load passed in SMBIOS tables

Signed-off-by: Ross Philipson <ross.philipson@xxxxxxxxxx>

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