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[Xen-devel] Mounting filesystems with blktap2

For those wanting to know how to mount filesystems through blktap2
here is how you do it, as I couldn't find it fully documented.
The instructions on the blktap2 readme file are rather out of date.

You can mount them under Dom0 like so.

e.g. to mount a vhd file,
sudo xm block-attach 0 tap2:vhd:/home/xen/xenwin7-persist.vhd  xvdb w 0

Now the device should appear under /dev

ls /dev/xvdb*
/dev/xvdb  /dev/xvdb1  /dev/xvdb2

sudo mount /dev/xvdb2 /mnt

Mounts the first partition on xvdb to the path /mnt

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