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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 RESEND] build: add autoconf to replace custom checks in tools/check

2012/2/13 Ian Jackson <Ian.Jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Roger Pau Monne writes ("[Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 RESEND] build: add autoconf to 
> replace custom checks in tools/check"):
>> Added autotools magic to replace custom check scripts. The previous
>> checks have been ported to autoconf, and some additional ones have
>> been added (plus the suggestions from running autoscan). Two files are
>> created as a result from executing configure script, config/Tools.mk
>> and config.h.
> Thanks for this work. ÂI'm just replying to give a status update: I
> haven't forgotten this.

No problem, I've been busy with other stuff too. Just as a side note,
I haven't forgotten about the driver domain series too, and I will try
to answer the questions/suggestions as soon as I can.

> It depends on a new feature in the autotest machinery - which would
> involve it automatically running "./configure" as well as just "make".
> I have a number of other test system changes which are queued up
> beforehand, but this is on my list.
> Last time you posted this there was an objection that autoconf 2.67
> isn't necessarily that widely available. ÂDid you deliberately use any
> 2.67 features or can we have a less aggressive PREREQ ?

I don't think it needs autoconf 2.67 (or at least I'm not aware of
using any specific macros that require > 2.67), but since autoconf
should only be used by the developers, if someone has to generate a
new configure with a previous version we could always try to downgrade
the prereq and see if it works.

> Also, of course, this patch has rotted slightly and no longer applies
> to xen-unstable tip. ÂWhen the test system is ready I'll email again
> and ask you to rebase.

I'm aware, since the yajl 2 series went in, this patch needs some
adjustments. Just drop a line when you are ready and I will update it
to match tip.

Thanks, Roger.

> Does anyone else have any comments ?
> Thanks,
> Ian.

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