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Re: [Xen-devel] IRQ: issues with directed EOI and IO-APIC ack methods

On 13/02/2012 16:03, "Andrew Cooper" <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello,
> XenServer6.0 (Xen 4.1.1) has had a support escalation against it for
> Cisco C210 M2 servers.  I do not have access to any of these servers, so
> cant debug the issue myself.
> The pcpu LAPICs support EOI Broadcast suppression and Xen enabled it.
> In arch/x86/apic.c:verify_local_APIC, there is a comment stating that
> directed EOI support must use the old IO-APIC ack method.

Well, it's not surprising that some systems won't like this method. Firstly,
calling the LAPIC feature 'directed EOI' is misleading. The feature is 'EOI
broadcast suppression' -- specifically, EOI to the LAPIC does not cause EOI
to the IO-APIC, instead the IO-APIC has to be manually EOIed as a separate

Now, not all IO-APICs directly support this. See io_apic.c:__io_apic_eoi()
-- if the IO-APIC does not have an EOI register, then an EOI is forced in a
slightly gross way. I wonder how reliable that is across a broad range of
chipsets; reliable enough to rely on it for *every* interrupt? ;-)

Cc'ing the patch author Edwin Zhai. If it can't be resolved with Intel, I'm
personally quite happy to see the original patch reverted.

 -- Keir

> A hypervisor with this check disabled (i.e. never checking for, or
> enabling directed EOI) seems to make the system stable again (5 days
> stable now, as opposed to a hang due to lost interrupts once every few
> hours before).
> First of all, I have discovered that forcing "ioapic_ack=new" does not
> have the indented effect, because verify_local_APIC trashes it, even if
> the user has specified the ack method.  I intend to send a patch to fix
> this in due course.
> However, as for the main issue, I cant work out any logical reason why
> directed EOI would not work with the new ack mode.  I am still trying to
> work out the differences in the code path incase I have missed something
> subtle, but I wondered if anyone on the list has more knowledge of these
> intricacies than me?  Either way, it appears that there is a bug on the
> codepath with directed EOI and old ack method.
> Thanks in advance,

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