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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] xenpaging:close domU's event channel and free port

On Thu, Feb 09, hongkaixing@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> xenpaging:close domU's event channel and free port
> Every domain (X86 64 bit)has 4096 event channels.In source code,
> domU's event channel is allocated in mem_event_enable(),but just
> unbind dom0's event channel in xenpaging_teardown().This bug will
> result in that we can not use xenpaging after reopening it for 4096
> times.We should free domU's event channel in mem_event_disable().so
> that we can reuse the port.

Does that fix a real bug?

xenpaging_teardown() does both xc_mem_paging_disable() and
xc_evtchn_unbind(). The former fails often because the domain is gone
and so it doesnt even reach the function in mem_event.c.
The latter is called unconditionally.

Also I would expect that once xenpaging exits the kernel driver does a
cleanup of all used ports. I havent checked wether thats true.


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