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[Xen-devel] HVM Driver Domain for GPU API remoting

I recently read about Xen3D and the whole idea of API remoting for graphics is new to me, so that's the level I'm coming from. My question is as follows: I understand that graphics passthrough only works for HVM DomUs, with that being said most of the driver domains I read about for networking are paravirtualized with a passed through NIC. Is there any work being done to introduce the concept of a HVM-based Driver Domain, so that one can pass a GPU through? If so, would it not be faster to remote the API through to the Driver Domain hosting the GPU with a Xenbus form of communication? My concern, other than the fact that I don't understand a thing about how Xenbus and other drivers work, is that there wouldn't be the throughput needed to provide any better support than is currently handled by the virtual framebuffer. I know that that kind of communication handles all block-level and network traffic, but the amount of data required to drive a GPU would be much more. Am I barking up the wrong tree, or is this a project that would benefit the community?


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