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Re: [Xen-devel] [Xen-users] VGA passthough still not working

TG> I was a bit un-percice regarding the "reboot" issue:

 TG> The passing-through itself works even after a reboot of DomU - the
 TG> rebooted System spits out its Graphics normaly through the
 TG> passed-through Card (NVIDA or ATI doesnt matter here) ; BUT:
 TG> After a reboot it doesn't work properly. Meaning:
 TG> Slow 3d Performance, i.e.
 TG> unsable for real 3d apps, even a 3d Desktop;
 TG> For example, when the Card gives you 70fps in a Benchmark after a fresh
 TG> Cold Boot, it only gives you 5-10fps after a reboot, this will be that
 TG> low until you reboot Dom0 also, not only DomU;
 TG> hopefully i described the scenario better now...
I'm sorry. Errors are highlighted in red.

 That is, situations as follows:
- There is a certain group who are trying to make a vga pass, but not successed (unsuccessfully)
- In the second group turned out, the performance on the second restart the

I belong to the first group, but I use a pci pass and after 10-20 reboots
the system does not lose the 3D performance.

Question for Tobias Geiger:
You do not deign to describe the process step by step is the setup and
configuration xen-linux-systeM to a successful vga pass?

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