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Re: [Xen-devel] [Xen-users] VGA passthough still not working

??>>> Hello!
??>>> The thing is, you either dont need patches at all to get it to work
??>> (ATI), or
??>>> you need to customize patches reflecting your individual setup
??>> (NVIDIA);
??>>> To be more specific:
??>>> I can confirm that passing through a ATI Card works "out of the box"
??>> - either
??>>> to Windows 7 or Windows XP;
??>>> In the past i had a setup running with a NVIDIA card, it only worked
??>> with
??>>> special patches (the ones David packed together and offers as
??>> tarball) and - as
??>>> far as i can tell - are not generaly working for all NVIDIA Cards,
??>> i.e. you
??>>> have to adjust Memory-Adresses in the acpi.dst (iirc). - and even
??>> then the
??>>> passed through Card worked only with Windows XP - NOT with Windows
d> 7;
??>>> Both setup have the "flaw" that they only work once - meaning you
??>> can't reboot
??>>> your DomU , cause after the reboot the passed-through Card doesnt
??>> have correct
??>>> 3D-Accelleration any more (was/is the case with NVIDIA and ATI,
??>> Windows XP and
??>>> Windows7 )
??>> For me it was with ATI with Windows7. Hadn't tried other OSes.
??>> Anybody had luck with passing the card more than once to a guest? With
??>> any random set of patches?
Better not to quote, than to do wrong quoting!!!
Also see the question below/

d> Yes, I've had a machine running for a couple of weeks, hosting a Windows
d> 7 domu with a passed-through Radeon 4770.  I've rebooted the virtual
d> machine multiple times, as well as gone through a couple of xl
d> destroy/create cycles.

d> I only pass it through as a secondary card, as I have the IGD as the
d> primary on the host.  The machine is a DQ67SW with a Core i5.  This is
d> running xen-unstable (c/s 24465) on a 3.2.1 dom0, with no extra patches.

d> I haven't, however, had any luck passing through the IGD to anything
d> other than a Windows XP, and that includes running the latest qemu-xen
d> with Jean's patches (opregion, host bridge config space mapping).  I've
d> been intending to start a separate thread for that...

Can you put a youtube video start DomU after
# Xm create

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