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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 00/10] FLASK updates: MSI interrupts, cleanups

This patch set adds XSM security labels to useful debugging output
locations, and fixes some assumptions that all interrupts behaved like
GSI interrupts (which had useful non-dynamic IDs). It also cleans up the
policy build process and adds an example of how to use the user field in
the security context.

Debug output:
[PATCH 01/10] xsm: Add security labels to event-channel dump
[PATCH 02/10] xsm: Add security label to IRQ debug output

MSI interrupt fixes:
[PATCH 03/10] xsm/flask: Use PCI device label for PCI-MSI IRQs
[PATCH 04/10] xsm: Add xsm_map_domain_pirq hook
[PATCH 05/10] xsm: Use mapped IRQ not PIRQ in unmap_domain_pirq

[PATCH 06/10] xsm/flask: Improve error reporting for ocontexts
[PATCH 07/10] xsm/flask: Remove useless back pointers
[PATCH 08/10] flask/policy: Policy build updates
[PATCH 09/10] flask/policy: Add user and constraint examples
[PATCH 10/10] flask/policy: use declare_domain for dom0_t

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