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Re: [Xen-devel] MIPS port


I just saw the press announcement. Congratulations.

Seems nobody has come back regarding submitting changes. That is probably because you baselined on Xen 3.4. I guess we could look into publishing the code as a tarball, but to be honest this has not worked that well for the Xen ARM project and Samsung is going through the process of moving all the code into a repo.

I would much rather prefer if we created a repo (that could be baselined from the 3.4 branch). Basically, I wanted to double check whether you intend to move to xen-unstable and PVOPS and in what timeframe (months, years). It may make sense for you guys to send somebody to the Hackathon in Santa Clara - Konrad who runs the PVOPS project I think will be there. And many of the other devs too. And so will I. I understand you are based in Santa Clara?

Sign up here http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Hackathon/March2012

It would also be great if you could introduce me to some marketing people. I want to make sure that you are listed at http://www.xen.org/community/vendors/XenProductsPage.html ; I also wanted to discuss other ways how Xen.org can help promote you guys as well as how you can help Xen (it is not only about code contributions).


On 05/01/2012 23:38, Prasad Boddupalli wrote:
Hello All,

About 3 weeks back, after resolving some console related issues, SMP versions of PV dom0 and domU could be booted on our MIPS boards. Our current version of MIPS Xen is based on an old version (3.4.0) and are currently in the process of moving the changes to the unstable branch. The Linux changes are not part of pv-ops infrastructure.

Although we have our simulator, the plan is to get the above running on Qemu to enable others try out the MIPS version of Xen. Linux could be released as a tarball for the present.

The performance of applications such as hackbench is a little unsatisfactory when run on PV Linux (due to frequent traps in the syscall path). So, we are also working on performance improvements, which probably could go on in parallel with the submission to open source.

Any suggestions with regard to submitting our changes are welcome.


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