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Re: [Xen-devel] GPLPV and pci passthrough

> >
> > I tried the Win2003 build and it works like a charm, and has native
> > performance across my gbit network in at least one direction.
> >
> Right... so if I understand the problem:
> . NDIS5 driver works fine under Windows 7 with PCI passthrough
> . NDIS6 driver works fine under Windows 7 with no PCI passthrough
> . NDIS6 driver does not work correctly with PCI passthrough


> Can you now try turning off all offloads in the DomU and see if starts
> working at some point?

I disabled CSum offload, Large Send Offload, and scatter gather.  No
help.  I also set
ad=1.  Also no help.

> I'm at a loss to explain how this could happen though.

If I think of anything else I'll try it.  Would it help to try a 32bit
Windows 7 instance and see if there's any difference?

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