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Re: [Xen-devel] [Xen-users] VGA passthough still not working

On Tue, 2012-01-24 at 09:33 -0500, Likarpenkov Alexander wrote:

>  ??>> Anybody had luck with passing the card more than once to a
> guest? With
>  ??>> any random set of patches?
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Better not to quote, than to do wrong quoting!!!
> Also see the question below/
>  d> Yes, I've had a machine running for a couple of weeks, hosting a
> Windows
>  d> 7 domu with a passed-through Radeon 4770.  I've rebooted the
> virtual
>  d> machine multiple times, as well as gone through a couple of xl
>  d> destroy/create cycles.
>  d> I only pass it through as a secondary card, as I have the IGD as
> the
>  d> primary on the host.  The machine is a DQ67SW with a Core i5.
> This is
>  d> running xen-unstable (c/s 24465) on a 3.2.1 dom0, with no extra
> patches.
>  d> I haven't, however, had any luck passing through the IGD to
> anything
>  d> other than a Windows XP, and that includes running the latest
> qemu-xen
>  d> with Jean's patches (opregion, host bridge config space mapping).
> I've
>  d> been intending to start a separate thread for that...
> Can you put a youtube video start DomU after
> # Xm create
> ???

I use the xl toolstack, not xm.  I don't think xm is being actively
maintained, at least not for current releases.

I don't know what a video could show you.  In the ATI case, there's no
signal until Windows loads the drivers.  It automatically disables the
emulated adapter, so i can watch the BIOS and Windows loading screens
via VNC, then my desktop appears on the monitor and the VNC console goes

In the IGD case, i can see the output from ROMBIOS and the windows
loader (or grub2) on the monitor.  If i'm booting a XP domU, the windows
login screen then appears.  If i'm booting a Win7 domU, the screen goes
black.  If i'm booting a fedora16 domu, the signal vanishes entirely.
In the Win7 case, the domU seems to be stuck in a loop.  In the Fedora
case, i can ssh to the machine and see various WARN_ON dumps in dmesg
related to the i915 driver, and eventually, a message saying it failed
to reset the adapter.

I think that gives you more detail than any video i could post.

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