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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 00 of 20] libxl: drop device_model_info

This is the first portion of my previous "libxl: drop
device_model_info, better defaults support, stubdoms by default"
series. Specifically it is the "drop device_model_info" bit (plus some
incidental bits & bobs).

I've split it to make it all a bit more manageable and to allow it to
be reviewed while I address some other concerns with the latter bits
of the other series.

This comes after "libxl: tweak the cpupool interface slightly" which I
sent this morning in my queue but I think the only relation is a tiny
bit of overlap of the context in patch #2. It also comes after "libxl:
remove _libxl_json_internal.h from libxl_json.h" but I beleive there
is no overlap there.


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