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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 00 of 13 RFC] libxl: add hotplug script calling

This series is a WIP, and I'm posting it now that it has reached a 
state where hotplug scripts are called directly from libxl from both 
Linux and NetBSD. The series has been tested with Debian stable and 
NetBSD current. This is not intented to be commited to the repository, 
mainly because it breaks xend by disabling udev rules on Linux. Also, 
this should be applied on top of my previous patches:

libxl: fix parse_backend_path and device_backend_path to be mutual
libxl: Atomicaly check backend state and set it to 5 at device_remove
qemu: react to XenbusStateClosing

Having that said, I have in mind to move this into a separate daemon, 
just like xenbackendd, but instead of listening to 
/local/domain/<domid>/backend/ for changes the daemon should listen to 
/hotplug/<domid>/. Then when the Dom0 request the addition of a 
device (by writting the necessary entries to /hotplug/<domid>/), the 
daemon should call libxl_device_*_add(...) and the same when the 
device is removed (I think you can get the idea).

It would be nice if someone could take a look at this while I work on 
the rest of the series, since I think that this *could* be a separate 
series if it didn't break xend compatibility. In fact it will be nice 
to split driver domains into two separate series, one that adds 
hotplug script calling to libxl (the former), and the other one that 
moves the device hotplug into a separate daemon, this will probably be 
less painful than reviewing all at once.

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