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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 3/8] ACPI: processor: add __acpi_processor_[un]register_driver helpers.

> > I was trying to figure out how difficult it would be to just bring Pxx 
> > states to
> > the Xen hypervisor using the existing ACPI interfaces. And while it did not 
> > pass
> > all the _Pxx states (seems that all the _PCT, _PSS, _PSD, _PPC flags need to
> > be enabled in the hypercall to make this work), it demonstrates what I had 
> > in
> > mind. 

.. snip..
> >     /* TODO: Under Xen, the C-states information is not present.
> >      * Figure out why. */
> it's possible related to this long thread:
> http://lists.xen.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2011-08/msg00511.html
> IOW, Xen doesn't export mwait capability to dom0, which impacts _PDC setting.
> Final solution is to have a para-virtualized PDC call for that.

Aaah. Let me play with that a bit. Thanks for the pointer.

.. snip..
> the prerequisites for this module to work correctly, is that dom0 has the 
> right
> configurations to have all necessary Cx/Px information ready before this 
> module is loaded. That may mean enabling full CONFIG_CPU_IDLE and 

> which in current form may add some negative impact, e.g. dom0 will try to 
> control
> Px/Cx to conflict with Xen. So some tweaks may be required in that part.

Yup. Hadn't even looked at the cpufreq tries to do yet.
> given our purpose now, is to come up a cleaner approach which tolerate some
> assumptions (e.g. #VCPU of dom0 == #PCPU), there's another option following 
> this
> trend (perhaps compensate your idea). We can register a Xen-cpuidle and 
> xen-cpufreq driver to current Linux cpuidle and cpufreq framework, which 
> plays 
> mainly two roles:
>       - a dummy driver to prevent dom0 touching actual Px/Cx
>       - parse ACPI Cx/Px information to Xen, in a similar way you did above

Yeah, I like where you are heading.
> there may have some other trickiness, but the majority code will be 
> self-contained.

> Thanks
> Kevin
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