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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v10 0/7] build upstream qemu and seabios by default

Hi all,
this is the tenth version of the patch series to introduce upstream qemu
and seabios in the xen-unstable build system.

Changes to v9:

use it with a branch name by default;

- set QEMU_UPSTREAM_REVISION to "master" by default;

- set SEABIOS_UPSTREAM_URL to git://xenbits.xen.org/seabios.git by

- add a patch to update MAINTAINERS.

Changes to v8:

- build upstream qemu out of tree;

- add a tools/qemu-xen-dir-force-update target;

- add a tools/firmware/seabios-dir-force-update target;

- call make install from subdir-all and subdir-install
qemu-xen-traditional and qemu-xen targets; 

- fix a typo in patch #5;

Changes to v7:

- call upstream qemu's configure script right before building qemu and
after building libxc and xenstore because it needs them;

- introduce a new patch to move the call to xen-setup after building
libxc and xenstore for consistency with upstream qemu;

- fix a typo in tools/Makefile (patch #4);

Changes to v6:

- add "set -e" to git-checkout.sh;

- add argument count check to git-checkout.sh;

- remove spurious semicolons in git-checkout.sh.

Changes to v5:

- use $GIT in git-checkout.sh;

- add an http mirror for seabios;

- use $(LIBEXEC) to configure upstream qemu;

- append a patch for libxenlight to find the upstream qemu binary under

Changes to v4:

- remove an obsolete comment;

- use /bin/sh to execute git-checkout.sh rathen than /bin/bash.

Changes to v3:

- reduce the scope of git-checkout.sh, now it only does what the name
says; calling "configure" is responsibility of the caller. As a result
of this change, the build still works when the user specifies a local
directory in the CONFIG_QEMU environmental variable;

- use a more official qemu repository hosted on xenbits;

- use a changeset as QEMU_UPSTREAM_TAG rather than a branch name.

Changes to v2:

- move tools/git-checkout.sh to scripts/git-checkout.sh;

- use git-checkout.sh for seabios;

- improve seabios integration with tools/firmware make system;

- add qemu-xen-traditional, qemu-xen and seabios dir entries to

Changes to v1:

- always build upstream qemu and seabios, rather than introducing them
as an option.



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