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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/5] ARM: Start working on tools

Now that we have an ARM build environment[0] I've made a very basic
start on getting the Xen tools for the ARMv7 w/ virt extensions port to
compile. A short series follows. Nothing too earth shatteringly

Currently compiles a fair bit of interesting stuff (libxc, xenstore,
xenconsole) and gets as far as mid way through libxl before it fails due
to CPUID stuff. Solving that needs some more infrastructure work in
libxl to be able to have per-arch members in IDL structs. But I thought
I might as well share what I have now. Note that I've not run any of it.

Obviously the final patch is not to be applied!


[0] https://plus.google.com/106815887686504011057/posts/Kgdakxs5cFt

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