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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 03 of 14 V3] amd iommu: Add iommu emulation for hvm guest

On 01/12/2012 12:36 PM, Jan Beulich wrote:
On 10.01.12 at 18:07, Wei Wang<wei.wang2@xxxxxxx>  wrote:
+static unsigned long get_gfn_from_base_reg(uint64_t base_raw)
+    uint64_t addr_lo, addr_hi, addr64;
+    addr_lo = iommu_get_addr_lo_from_reg(base_raw&  DMA_32BIT_MASK);
+    addr_hi = iommu_get_addr_hi_from_reg(base_raw>>  32);
+    addr64 = (addr_hi<<  32) | (addr_lo<<  PAGE_SHIFT);
I suppose that this isn't really correct - addr_lo shouldn't really
need any shifting, or else base_raw would be a pretty odd entity.
I'll convert the function to use reg_to_u64() instead. While I
won't do this, I then also wonder whether the first two operations
could be converted to u64_to_reg(), and if so, what the purpose
of the whole function is (it would then merely shift the input
value to obtain a frame number)
The names might be confusing but actually iommu mmio regs do not cache lower 12 bit of the base addresses, so that addr_lo only contains bit 12 - bit 31 of the lower 32 bit part. That is why 12 bit left shift is needed to form a fully 64 bit address. But anyway this function seems redundant, I attached a patch to simplify it.


+    ASSERT ( addr64 != 0 );
+    return addr64>>  PAGE_SHIFT;

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