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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v7 0/9] libxl: New event API

This series has now been tested.  It includes bugfixes and all the
comments which people have made and which I said I would address.

These should be fairly uncontroversial:
 2/9  ocaml, libxl: support "private" fields
 4/9  libxl: introduce libxl_fd_set_nonblock, rationalise _cloexec
 7/9  libxl: New convenience macro CONTAINER_OF

These are the meat:
 1/9  libxl: New API for providing OS events to libxl
 3/9  libxl: New event generation API
 5/9  libxl: Permit multithreaded event waiting
 6/9  libxl: Asynchronous/long-running operation infrastructure
 8/9  libxl: Introduce libxl__ev_devstate
 9/9  libxl: Convert to asynchronous: device removal

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