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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 00/18] Xenstore stub domain

Changes from v1:
 - set_virq_handler implemented in libxc
 - added custom domain builder for xenstored
 - xenstore/console domain IDs now pulled from xenstore
 - migration support when using split xenstored (untested, should work)
 - slightly less intrusive NO_SOCKETS xenstored patch
   (still has many ifdefs to avoid pulling in socket headers or symbols)
 - virq handlers removed from dying domain when clearing event channels
 - dummy XSM module restricts getdomaininfo similar to no-XSM case
 - formatting/type fixups
 - partial ioctl compatibility with legacy IOCTL_XENBUS_ALLOC
   (the new device path uses 'B' not 'X' as the base so the ioctl number
   does not match; otherwise, should be compatible).

To start xenstored, run:

tools/xenstore/init-xenstore-domain stubdom/mini-os-x86_64-xenstore/mini-os 20 

This will populate the xenstore domid key /tool/xenstore/domid


[PATCH 01/18] xen: reinstate previously unused hypercall
[PATCH 02/18] xen: allow global VIRQ handlers to be delegated to
[PATCH 03/18] xen: use XSM instead of IS_PRIV for getdomaininfo
[PATCH 04/18] xen: Preserve reserved grant entries when switching

[PATCH 05/18] tools/libxl: pull xenstore/console domids from
[PATCH 06/18] lib{xc,xl}: Seed grant tables with xenstore and

[PATCH 07/18] mini-os: avoid crash if no console is provided
[PATCH 08/18] mini-os: avoid crash if no xenstore is provided
[PATCH 09/18] mini-os: remove per-fd evtchn limit
[PATCH 10/18] xenstored: use grant references instead of
[PATCH 11/18] xenstored: add NO_SOCKETS compilation option
[PATCH 12/18] xenstored support for in-memory rather than FS based
[PATCH 13/18] xenstored: support running in minios stubdom
[PATCH 14/18] xenstored: always use xc_gnttab_munmap in stubdom
[PATCH 15/18] xenstored: add --event parameter for bootstrapping
Removed old #16; shared page is no longer used to pass event.
[PATCH 16/18] xenstored: use domain_is_unprivileged instead of
[PATCH 17/18] xenstored: add --priv-domid parameter

[PATCH 18/18] xenstored: Add stub domain builder

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