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Re: [Xen-devel] Load increase after memory upgrade (part2)

On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 10:56:09AM -0400, Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 01:19:16AM +0100, Sander Eikelenboom wrote:
> > I also have done some experiments with the patch, in domU i also get the 0% 
> > full for my usb controllers with video grabbers , in dom0 my i get 12% 
> > full, both my realtek 8169 ethernet controllers seem to use the bounce 
> > buffering ...
> > And that with a iommu (amd) ? it all seems kind of strange, although it is 
> > also working ...
> > I'm not having much time now, hoping to get back with a full report soon.
> Hm, so domU nothing, but dom0 it reports. Maybe the patch is incorrect
> when running as PV guest .. Will look in more details after the
> holidays. Thanks for being willing to try it out.

Good news is I am able to reproduce this with my 32-bit NIC with 3.2 domU:

[  771.896140] SWIOTLB is 11% full
[  776.896116] 0 [e1000 0000:00:00.0] bounce: from:222028(slow:0)to:2 
map:222037 unmap:227220 sync:0
[  776.896126] 1 [e1000 0000:00:00.0] bounce: from:0(slow:0)to:5188 map:5188 
unmap:0 sync:0
[  776.896133] 3 [e1000 0000:00:00.0] bounce: from:0(slow:0)to:1 map:1 unmap:0 

but interestingly enough, if I boot the guest as the first one I do not get 
these bounce
requests. I will shortly bootup a Xen-O-Linux kernel and see if I get these same

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