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Re: [Xen-devel] Driver domains and hotplug scripts, redux

Stefano Stabellini writes ("Re: Driver domains and hotplug scripts, redux"):
> On Mon, 9 Jan 2012, Roger Pau MonnÃÆÃÂ wrote:
> > This should be handled by xenbackendd (I know it will not exactly be
> > xenbackendd, but let's call it that way to simplify things), since it
> > should be listening to /local/domain/<domid>/backend/* for changes and
> > react upon them.
> I think this is wrong because we would be tying together the vif
> creation with the script execution, while these two kinds of events
> might need to be executed at different point in time (especially in the
> block case). We need be flexible.
> I would make xenbackendd listen to a different xenstore location,
> maybe /hotplug/<domid>/*, so that the toolstack can explicitly ask
> xenbackendd for something, making sure that it gets done before taking
> other actions.

The fact that any script is being run, and exactly what that script
is, and when, does not need to be visible to the main toolstack.  It's
a function entirely inside the driver domain.

So I disagree.


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