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Re: [Xen-devel] MIPS port

On Thu, 5 Jan 2012, Prasad Boddupalli wrote:
> Hello All,
> About 3 weeks back, after resolving some console related issues, SMP versions 
> of PV dom0 and domU could be booted on our
> MIPS boards. Our current version of MIPS Xen is based on an old version 
> (3.4.0) and are currently in the process of moving
> the changes to the unstable branch. The Linux changes are not part of pv-ops 
> infrastructure.
> Although we have our simulator, the plan is to get the above running on Qemu 
> to enable others try out the MIPS version of
> Xen. Linux could be released as a tarball for the present.

Great to hear that!

> The performance of applications such as hackbench is a little unsatisfactory 
> when run on PV Linux (due to frequent traps
> in the syscall path). So, we are also working on performance improvements, 
> which probably could go on in parallel with the
> submission to open source.
> Any suggestions with regard to submitting our changes are welcome.
release early release often :)
I am looking forward to seeing the patches!

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