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Re: [Xen-devel] Dom0 LiveCD


I've crafted a small proof-of-concept (I've tested it to some degree,
but it's possibly full of bugs, you are advised), that contains a
patched version of Xen 4.1.2 that works with uclibc. The iso is here:

md5: 5c78b0895d58a8f17c958b5dff9cf00c

Just burn it (or load it to your VM) and boot from the CD. The image
will hopefully boot, and you will get a login screen, type root (no
password required). Next step is:

# setup-alpine

To have the basic system working, it will ask you if you want to
bridge your interfaces, which you probably want. It will also ask if
you want to perform a HDD install if it detects a hard drive, reply
none to those questions, and you will have your basic Xen system up
and running.

The image doesn't come with any DomUs, it only comes with the minimum
necessary to run a Dom0 (Xen + BusyBox basically), all loaded to
tmpfs. As a note, the memory/vcpus used by the Dom0 is not limited.

If you want to create DomUs, I recommend that you attach a
HDD/USB/NFS/iSCSI... to store the image (creating it on tmpfs is not
really a good idea).

To generate the image I've used a modified version of alpine-iso (the
image generation tool used by Alpine Linux distribution), and the
changes have already been added to the main tools:


The only missing part is the Xen 4.1.2 package itself, which will
hopefully be added to the package repository soon, so Xen Dom0 images
can be build easily by any user by just running alpine-iso tools.

Regards, Roger.

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