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[Xen-devel] Instability with Xen, interrupt routing frozen, HPET broadcast

I am talking a while (via email) with Jan now to track the following problem and he suggested that I report the problem on xen-devel:

Jul 9 01:48:04 virt kernel: aacraid: Host adapter reset request. SCSI hang ?
Jul  9 01:49:05 virt kernel: aacraid: SCSI bus appears hung
Jul  9 01:49:10 virt kernel: Calling adapter init
Jul 9 01:49:49 virt kernel: IRQ 16/aacraid: IRQF_DISABLED is not guaranteed on shared IRQs
Jul  9 01:49:49 virt kernel: Acquiring adapter information
Jul  9 01:49:49 virt kernel: update_interval=30:00 check_interval=86400s
Jul 9 01:53:13 virt kernel: aacraid: aac_fib_send: first asynchronous command timed out. Jul 9 01:53:13 virt kernel: Usually a result of a PCI interrupt routing problem; Jul 9 01:53:13 virt kernel: update mother board BIOS or consider utilizing one of
Jul  9 01:53:13 virt kernel: the SAFE mode kernel options (acpi, apic etc)

After the VMs have been running a while the aacraid driver reports a non-responding RAID controller. Most of the time the NIC is also no longer working. I nearly tried every combination of dom0 kernel (pvops0, xenfied suse 2.6.31.x, xenfied suse 2.6.32.x, xenfied suse 2.6.34.x) with Xen hypervisor 3.4.2, 3.4.4-cs19986, 4.0.1, unstable. No success in two month. Every combination earlier or later had the problem shown above. I did extensive tests to make sure that the hardware is OK. And it is - I am sure it is a Xen/dom0 problem.

Jan suggested to try the fix in c/s 22051 but it did not help. My answer to him:

> In the meantime I did try xen-unstable c/s 22068 (contains staging c/s 22051) and > it did not fix the problem at all. I was able to fix a problem with the serial console > and so I got some debug info that is attached to this email. The following line looks
> suspicious to me (irr=1, delivery_status=1):

> (XEN)     IRQ 16 Vec216:
> (XEN) Apic 0x00, Pin 16: vector=216, delivery_mode=1, dest_mode=logical, > delivery_status=1, polarity=1, irr=1, trigger=level, mask=0, dest_id:1

> IRQ 16 is the aacraid controller which after some while seems to be enable to receive
> interrupts. Can you see from the debug info what is going on?

I also applied a small patch which disables HPET broadcast. The machine is now running for 110 hours without a crash while normally it crashes within a few minutes. Is there something wrong (race, deadlock) with HPET broadcasts in relation to blocked interrupt
reception (see above)?


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