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[Xen-devel] [ANNOUNCE] libxenlight

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce "libxenlight", a new small and lightweight C
library that refactors existing code in a coherent and easy to use API
to interface to the hypervisor and xenstore to perform operations such
as domain creation and destruction, suspend/restore and pci passthrough.

The goals of libxenlight are:

- be easy to use and to extend
- provide a simple and robust API for tool stacks to do xen operations
- create a common codebase for the lower-level implementation of all the
  various xen tool stacks

At the moment libxenlight implements domain creation, destruction and
list domains; next items on the roadmap are suspend, resume and pci
Libxenlight has been tested only on Linux but we would like to make it
work on other systems as well.
To aid development and testing we have created a small command line
utility called "xl" that invokes the API.

We believe there is significant value in having all the various tool
stacks (xend, xapi, xenvm, libvirt etc) use a common lower-layer, and so
hope developers will embrace this project, contribute to it, and move
their favoured stack over to using it.

Stefano Stabellini

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