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[XenARM] Xen Document Day: November 29th

Hi everybody,

after the last Xen Document Day, many people asked me when we would do another document day. After a discussion on the mailing list, we settled on next Tuesday (November 29). This will be an all-day on-line IRC event with the aim to
  • Improve user documentation
  • Improve developer documentation, including the creation of man pages, etc.

There is no hard start and end to the event, but volunteers in the UK will be on-line on Nov 29th from around 9:00 UTC+1 until around 18:00 UTC+1, and then volunteers from the US will take over. The event will be take place on freenode channel #xendocday

An intial work item lists and what we agreed on can be found on the Documentation Day Etherpad. Other work that needs doing is:

But anyway, a long list of stuff that is needed can be found on the Documentation Day Etherpad. I am sure, you will find something that suits you. Instructions on how to use the new wiki, can be found here and on the front-page.

The Protocol

  • Join us on IRC: freenode channel #xendocday
  • Tell people what you intend to work on (to avoid doing something somebody else is already working on)
  • Fix some documentation
  • Help others
  • And above all: have fun!

I am looking forward to the day and hopefully documentation days will become a regular Xen event. See you on IRC!


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