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[XenARM] Xen on Goldfish Android emulator

I am trying to get the Xen-on-ARM port to run on the Goldfish Android
emulator. I have downloaded all the code from here:

Xen builds fine, the emulator builds fine, and mini-OS builds fine as

However, when I try to run the emulator I get a segmentation fault. I
don't get any more specific error messages. 

android-emulator-xen_arm# ./run.sh 
guest0 - mini-os.elf
guest1 - mini-os.elf
Waiting gdb connection on port 1234
./run.sh: line 1: 31813 Segmentation fault      ./emulator -guest0
0x01c00000 mini-os.elf -guest1 0x02c00000 mini-os.elf -show-kernel
-system ./images -shell -qemu -s

My question is now, the files in the image/ folder, do they not have to
be changed at all? In your documentation you describe that xen-bin needs
to be copied in there (as qemu-kernel), but that file is never used in
any of your scripts? Also, the Dom0 kernel is not copied into that
folder at all according to your documentation, but does it not need to
be used when booting in the emulator?

I have followed the documentation here:

I think something in your documentation is missing, it does not describe
how the system images are loaded into the emulator.

Can you help me with this?


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