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[Xen-API] Transfer VM expose issues


I've been writing a script to automatically back up just the first disk associated with each running VM on a vhost - the rationale being that in most cases the second disk of a VM is usually backed up in some other manner, and we only really need a snapshot of the OS disk for disaster recovery purposes.

It works fine on XenServer 6.2, by calling the host plugin transfervm and then exposing a recently snapshotted VDI on the network. However, since upgrading to version 6.5 calling the expose method of the transfer plugin fails.

It creates a transfervm fine, but then sits there for 120 seconds and returns a XENAPI_PLUGIN_FAILURE, saying the VM started but did not respond. I can see the VM come online in xentop and it has a network interface assigned to it.

I've done some digging and have found that some people are having issues with network interfaces, on both linux and windows virtual machines, on this latest release. I was wondering if this was a potentially known issue - I know that the transfervm template is a busybox based image, is it possible that some change in the virtual interfaces has messed with its ability to use the vif?

Apologies if this makes no sense, or if it is a solved issue - as I say I've done some digging but not found anyone having similar issues. If anyone can help shed some light on this, thanks in advance!


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