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Re: [Xen-API] VDI import/export with deltas

On 28/08/14 15:50, Bob Ball wrote:
>> http://wiki.xensource.com/wiki/Disk_import/export_APIs
> This is great, but I think we're missing the ability to pull a VHD in or push 
> a VHD out.
> The OpenStack case needs to call a vm-import giving a URL to pull a VHD from, 
> and a vm-export to push a VHD out to.
> In particular I think we need to set specific headers as well, as 
> authentication, so I'd like to propose the following as a hopefully simple 
> extension:
> xe vdi-export uuid=$VDI format=vhd dest= 
> headers:arbitrary_string=$AUTH_TOKEN
> xe vdi-import uuid=$RESTORE format=vhd source= 
> headers:arbitrary_string=$AUTH_TOKEN

Agreed - this would be really useful for vagrant too; currently we have
to download the VHD to the users desktop before pushing it out to the
XenServer. It'd be much more useful to host the VHD file somewhere and
ask the XenServer to download it.


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