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Re: [Xen-API] xcp-xapi toolstack on ubuntu 14.04

Hi all,
this is already done.

But it looks like xapi does not start.

xe-command is not available.
I had provided some logfile elements but did not get any response where
to look at.

Help appreciated.
Am 26.08.2014 um 12:05 schrieb Simon Beaumont:
> Hi Firma,
> Take a look at https://github.com/xenserver/buildroot 
> Here you can build xapi for Ubuntu 14.04. Just follow the readme :)
> Si
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>> Subject: [Xen-API] xcp-xapi toolstack on ubuntu 14.04
>> Hi all,
>> already since some time I am trying to install a xcp-xapi tool-stack on
>> an ubuntu 14.04 system.
>> I have posted in various xen related forums for help but last but not
>> least was directed to this list.
>> Target is to have a xen-server running on a ubuntu host able to manage
>> the xen-server with xen-center on windows.
>> To be honest. The various systems on xen (xen hypervisor, citrix xen
>> server, .....) do confuse me a little bit. My understanding is the
>> xcp-xapi tool-stack is what I need if I want ubuntu to be the host -
>> probably wrong!?
>> Is there anywhere a how-to on that!?
>> Hall how-to's I found are on 12.04 and the packages named there do not
>> exist and do not work on 14.04.
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>> Hr./Mr. Karl-Heinz Fischbach

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