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[Xen-API] opam-repo-dev


I spent some time yesterday tidying up the xapi-project’s opam-repo-dev. This 
is a repository of *source package* definitions for xapi, xenopsd, squeezed etc 
etc. This repo is targeted at developers: it makes it easy to test a change 
(e.g. to stdext) by automatically recompiling all the dependent binaries (e.g. 
xapi), iterating quickly. I believe it’s therefore complementary to ‘buildroot’ 
and ‘planex’ which build binary RPM/deb packages, intended for distros and 


* added definitions for the latest tagged versions of the code (e.g. xapi is 
* fixed dependencies (including adding ‘depexts’ like ‘libdevmapper-dev’)
* added a README.md showing how to use it

Thanks to all the recent tidying up to make the code generally easier to build 
and package via buildroot, this was all quite easy :-)

I’ve also removed the ‘fake versioned’ packages which tracked git:// URLs. The 
modern way of approaching this with opam is to use ‘opam pin’— I’ve included 
instructions in the README.

I would like to rename the repo to ‘opam-repository’ to reflect the fact that 
it actually contains proper released packages.

I think we could use opam like this:

1. install a regular distro
2. install xapi and opam
3. encounter a bug
4. opam init; pin; install; update; upgrade to test a fix
5. submit the patch


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