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[Xen-API] Xen Project Hackathon - more information & trade-off

Hi all,

I posted more information related to the Xen Project Hackathon at http://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Hackathon/May2014. Some of the locals have raised questions whether to stay in Paddington (and take a train to/from the venue) or whether to stay locally.

Here is the trade-off you need to consider:
* If you stay locally you are staying on the edge of London. Hayes is not dangerous, but it is a slightly industrial area. I was assured that the serviced apartments are nice. However, if you are looking to stay in a nice and vibrant neighbourhood, you probably want to stay in Paddington. * Staying in Ealing is a reasonable compromose. However note that Ealing is basically a leafy residential suburb of London. There are some places to do stuff at night, but not as much as in Paddington. * If you stay in Paddington, you are pretty much in the center of London and it is easy to get to there from Heathrow. You will need to take a train during the rush hour. However, as you go against the flow of the rush hour it should be pretty OK. But Paddington station itself will be rather busy.

I added a drop down and free form field to the invitation request form, which allows you to tell us where you are planning to stay. If you fill this out, we will post the info on the wiki. But you may of course want to coordinate this amongst yourself.

For the evening event on the 29th we will either do a BBQ next to Rackspace or use a venue near Paddington. We have not decided yet. This depends on overall costs.

Best Regards

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