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[Xen-API] GSoC 2014 CPUID Programming for Humans

Hello I'm sending the message again, because I'm not sure in what list must be send,
My name is Vasil Vasilev, I would like to apply for this year's GSoC 2014 for the project "CPUID Programming for Humans".
I think I will be able to handle with this project, because I have pretty good experience with the XEN APIs ( from the old days xenapi that was on Python with C bindings with some libxc to newer libxl and libvirt).
I'm using libxl since it's beta versions and had to make some modifications to fit my needs, so I think that I'm some kind familiar with the source code,
and some of the initial researching work is already done.
Contributing source for Xen is like a dream.
During the summer I will not be actively involved with the university and I will have enough time to work on the project.

A little more about me:
Currently I'm studying Architecture in New Bulgarian University, prior I studied in National High-School of Mathematics and Physics in Bulgaria.

I'm working part-time in a hosting company in Bulgaria ( webconnect.bg ), here I'm responsible for managing the Xen Virtual Machines and our web based panel for virtualization.
I was also responsible to migrate all the software that we are using from the old xenapi to newer libxl to work with latest versions of the open source Xen.
I have more than 5 years in C programming experience mainly with writing client-server network applications.
I have learned many communication protocols and used to with lots of APIs.
Also in my everyday work experience I have learned to read and modify many C code to fit my needs.

I have also experience with many other languages like Python,Bash Script,Java that are not related with the project.

Any comments, recommendations or questions are welcome

Vasil Vasilev

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