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[Xen-API] First Xen Test Day, August 14th


After the success of Xen Document Days and with Xen 4.2 being close to release, we decided to trial Xen test Days. The first Xen Test Day will be on Tuesday, August 14th, on IRC freenode channel *#xentest.* The plan is to test Xen 4.2 RC2, whic h should be released shortly. You can find more information about Xen Test Days on:

* http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Xen_Test_Days
* http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Xen_4.2_RC2_test_instructions

What is a Xen Test Day?

Xen test days are all day IRC events, facilitated by members of the Xen community. The purpose of Xen Test Days is to

 * Provide focus in testing Xen Release Candidates
 * Primary focus will be on ensuring that Xen RCs work with distros and
   with your hardware and in your environment
 * For Xen 4.2, we will also focus on testing the new XL tools

How Does it Work?

The pattern is the same as for Xen Document Days:

 * Join us on IRC: freenode channel *#xentest*
 * Tell people what you intend to test
 * Make sure that a Xen release candidate works for you
 * Help others, get help!
 * And above all: have fun!

It is also OK, do to some testing before and jon the Test Day, if you get stuck and need some help. Looking forward to see you on IRC!

Best Regards

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