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[Xen-API] [XCP] Re: VM migrate - Storage Motion

Modified the subject to relate it to XCP

I tried using http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Blktap#Sample_usage and used the mirroring option but no luck so far. It seems that the mirroring option is only if the VM is staring and cannot be used for a running VM.

On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 9:04 PM, R J <torushikeshj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi List,

Since we have new SMAPI going very well and it has all the cool stuff, is there a way to use it on old XCP ?

I have XCP1.1 and want to move the VM's to new storage live.
Even if this could be possible via tapctl then that would be a great help !!


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