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Re: [Xen-API] Error with VIF_METRICS


That's exactly I did..

But no success..
To get the VIF metrics now I'm doing a CURL at /vm_rrd ..

Is that a right way do get the VIF metrics stats?

How can I get the assigned IP for this Interface? (by xencenter I can see the IP, but and with API, how?)


Em 28/06/2012 05:44, John Else escreveu:

Hi Luiz,


The VIF_metrics is a separate object from the VIF itself – my perl is not very good, but in python I’d do something like this:


vms = session.xenapi.VM.get_all()


for vm in vms:

                vm_record = session.xenapi.VM.get_record(vm)

                if record[“is_a_template”] == False and record[“is_control_domain”] == False:

                                for vif in vm_record[“VIFs”]:

                                                metrics = session.xenapi.VIF.get_metrics(vif)

                                                if metrics != “OpaqueRef:NULL”:

                                                                metrics_record = session.xenapi.VIF_metrics.get_record(metrics)

                                                                # do something with metrics_record…




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Subject: [Xen-API] Error with VIF_METRICS


Hello everybody,

I need to get VIF_metrics from a specific VM and I got a problem while trying to do that.

(HANDLE_INVALID VIF_metrics OpaqueRef:f71830ff-301b-77a8-37e9-f4c4aaa2905b)

It is very strange, I never got this error before.
Take a look on my code:

$vms_array = $xenserver->VM_get_all();

foreach ($vms_array as $vm) {
    $record = $xenserver->VM_get_record($vm);
    if($record['is_a_template']==false && $record['is_control_domain']==false) {

        var_dump($record['VIFs']); //Return :  0 => string 'OpaqueRef:f71830ff-301b-77a8-37e9-f4c4aaa2905b' (length=46)

        foreach($record['VIFs'] as $vif) {
            $metrics = $xenserver->__call('VIF_metrics.get_record',array($vif) ));

I tried many values as parameter but no success...

Anybody here knows what is this problem?

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