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Re: [Xen-API] RuntimeError: Unable to find partition containing kernel

Sorry, I forgot to provide you the bootloader command output:

[root@minicloud ~]# EDITOR=vi xe-edit-bootloader -n myVM -p 1
Creating dom0 VBD: a670dc34-e32c-6a32-331f-89f2620b883c
Plugging VBD:
Waiting for /dev/xvda1: .....Device /dev/xvda1 not found.
You must specify the correct partition number with -p
Unplugging VBD: . done


On 06/18/2012 12:52 PM, Massimo Canonico wrote:
I was able to start a VM with squeeze template, even if the console hangs after few steps on installation procedure (but I will work on this later). Now the problem is when I destroy a VM with:
xl destroy 10

it becomes "halted":

uuid ( RO)           : 61c9aad3-e040-67c7-a5ab-db8b41ab4cec
     name-label ( RW): myVM
    power-state ( RO): halted

and I'm not able to re-start it, since I got this error:
[root@minicloud ~]# xe vm-start vm=myVM
Error code: WARNING: /dev/xvda is not a disk image
Error parameters: Traceback (most recent call last):, File "/usr/bin/pygrub", line 746, in ?, raise RuntimeError, "Unable to find partition containing kernel", RuntimeError: Unable to find partition containing kernel,

Googoling this problem I've tried to run this command in order to fix it:
 EDITOR=vi xe-edit-bootloader -n myVM -p 1

with no luck: the error is stille there.

Any suggestion?


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